The Media Owns the Kyle Rittenhouse Injustice

November/19/2021 21:01PM
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First the media misrepresented the police shooting of Jacob Blake. They labeled it murder by cop. An unjustified police shooting. That lit the fuse on the violence that led to Kyle Rittenhouse being on the streets.

The prosecutor dropped charges on the police shooting. Seems Blake did have a knife and the cop was defending himself.

Then the media branded Rittenhouse a white supremacist. Joe Biden, a private citizen at the time, used that label on the 17 year old. The media and political leaders defamed Rittenhouse for two years.

Today a courageous jury of twelve peers found Rittenhouse innocent of all counts. Keep in mind this was white on white violence. Totally unconnected to Jacob Blake.

Black journalists like Joy Reid were upset about the verdict and are still using the white supremacist narrative. I, as a white man ,who is not a racist ,am elated about the outcome of this white on white self-defense verdict . I have had enough of the media. And, Joy Reid and her ilk who defend the rioting and destruction in Kenosha but invent a way to make the Rittenhouse trial about race. It wasn’t.

I truly hope Rittenhouse sues every media outlet in this country as well as Joe Biden for not millions, but billions. Bankrupting them may be the only way to stop their reckless destruction of this country.

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