This Nation May Not Survive Joe Biden

October/28/2021 22:02PM
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This week President Biden announced his latest idea to repair the damage he has done in only 9 months.

OCT 28, 2021

Biden Proposes Paying Illegals Impacted by Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy $450,000 Per Person

Who is in charge of the White House. Who pulls the strings on Biden? Is it Obama through Susan Rice? Is it Dr. Jill? Is it Hunter, the smartest man his father has ever known?

I was trying to come up with one smart thing Joe has done . Finally, it came to me. Naming Kamala his VP. He has put the entire Democrat Party into checkmate. Neither they or the Republicans dare mention using the 25th amendment to nudge Joe out.

Biden leaves almost every weekend to go home to Wilmington. Therein lies the answer to the questions. Where could Biden possibly get the leadership that creates ideas like the $450,000 grab bag? The exit fromAfghanistan. The vaccine mandates, etc.

Dr. Jill checks him into the local Alzheimer’s home every weekend. The residents recognize Joe’s charisma and leadership skills. He’s the chairman of the “smart table” at all three meals. The diners bounce ideas off Joe for running the country. Agnes takes notes and Joe takes them back to the White House where his staff writes them up for the Cabinet to debate and implement.

The mystery is solved. The media has given Joe millions in free support to get his “Let’s Blow $3.5 Trillion to Make America a Third World Shithole. “

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