Biden’s 38% Approval Rating

October/09/2021 8:26AM
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What’s not to like?

Afghanistan withdrawal. Wasn’t that a lesson in leadership that will last through the ages?

The border. Biden handed that off to Kamala and she does nothing and is proud of that. Kamala, herself, is dragging Biden down. If that is even possible. The public knows it’s a disaster and the administration denies that.

The inflation facing every America is again just denied by Biden’s handlers. The kitchen table rules elections and lying about high prices and essential shortages doesn’t work.

Raging authoritarianism is a big, big problem. Firing nurses for refusing to take the jab is a bad idea. Having the FBI intercede in school board meetings where concerned parents are branded terrorists doesn’t fly. Telling banks they must notify Treasury of every personal transaction above $600 is too much to ask.

Having your deadbeat, junkie son sell crap art for influence offends most Americans.

Refusing to take questions at press conferences makes your fragile mental condition more apparent.

The bottom line, nothing is working well in this country right now. You want Congress to give you a $3.5 trillion slush fund to buy votes to turn America into California or Illinois. Voters don’t trust you to install your own false teeth in the morning.

The media sold the nation a lame horse and voters see you for what you are.

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