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October/02/2021 12:28PM
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Never asked you loyal readers for a thing in return for my wisdom.

My grandson is an engineering student at the University of Illinois. He’s a great young man. A sophomore. In addition to his studies he’s working as a part time bartender at Kams, the college bar, and plays on the school travel baseball team. Busy guy.

He still raised his hand to chair his fraternity charity program . He’s volunteering to do that, and I volunteered to help.

There’s a link below . If the charity meets your philanthropic designs and you would like to repay me for my insights over these many years, click, kick in a few dollars, and click his name: Tyler Chron.

He represents the best this country has to offer down the road, unlike Hunter Biden.

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Comments (3)

  1. Bill Robertson says:

    Guess you readers are not people who donate to charity. Good to know.

  2. Patricia Smith says:

    Not all of us.

  3. Bill Robertson says:

    You are right, Pat. Thank you for your donation.

    Bill Robertson

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