The Fuhrer Spoke Today. Biden on COVID

September/09/2021 21:00PM
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The tyrannical demented empty suit read a speech written by an idiot today.

This speech will be remembered as the watershed moment in the Biden years.

First the timing. It was to get the subject off the Afghanistan debacle.

First, let’s listen to the tone. Joe is mad at anti-Vaxxers. They are to blame for everything going wrong for the “I’ll solve COVID” candidate. COVID coming across the southern border or flown in from Afghanistan not withstanding.

Telling businesses to fire the employees who are not vaccinated. What if they are mostly Democrats? He insulted blacks by saying they are the most vulnerable. Suggesting they are the least vaccinated.

Studies show COVID survivors have the greatest anti bodies. No matter to Joe. Take the jab anyway if you want your rights as an American.

This was an anti-American speech and Americans who aren’t woke don’t like to be talked to by moronic bullies. We aren’t Corn Pop.

Biden thinks money solves everything. This will sink his approval ratings further.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    CDC seven day average daily deaths related to COVID-19 from the week ending September 11, 2021 = 1638.6

    Last time this number was higher was: March 6, 2021 : 1763.6 when virtually nobody was vaccinated.

    Great argument for the mandatory vaccine.

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