Biden May Strike Out on Both Infrastructure and Build Back Better This Week

September/29/2021 14:18PM
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The Democrats are fighting among themselves when Biden desperately needs a victory.

He could end up with neither massive spending bill, the government shut down, and the debt ceiling left unchanged. Bernie wants it all and won’t reconcile.

A 50-50 Senate and only a 4 vote majority in the House might have been too much of a stretch to make this country a Socialist nation.

His generals are throwing him under the bus in the Armed Forces hearings on Afghanistan. Basically calling him a liar, which he is and always has been.

Another hoard is heading across Mexico to his open border while pills branded OxyContin are spiked with fentanyl and killing thousands.

Nurses, cops, airline workers, and firefighters are being fired due to his bogus vaccination mandate.

His approval ratings are in the tank. As they should be. The greatest failure as President in this nation’s history.

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