Biden is Dismantling the Navy Seals

September/21/2021 19:30PM
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1/4 of the total of 2,500 Navy Seals are refusing to take the jab and are threatened with dismissal by the Dept. Of The Navy. This is affecting the readiness of our most elite military force. Navy Seals are heavily relying on the cohesion and trust of their small units.

The cost to train a Navy Seal is $500,000 each. So he will flush $625,000,000 over mandatory vaccinations. Not to mention losing 1/4 of our elite fighting force.

This President is both senile and devoid of any common sense. His whole mandatory vaccine plan is senseless.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Cats get COVID, dogs get COVID, apes get COVID, …

    This means there is an animal reservoir for the disease, even if we vaccinated every human being, the virus can replicate and mutate in animals, until it mutates enough to overcome vaccine immunity and infects humans again.

    This virus/disease has become a fact of life that needs to be dealt with for the foreseeable future. We can’t vaccinate our way to obliterating it, unlike other diseases that don’t have an animal reservoir like small pox or polio.

    Need a drug that “cures” the disease before it can be managed.

    • Richard A says:

      I think the idea that covid can infect dogs, cats, etc. is Chinese propaganda.
      The virus attacks humans by far more than it attacks other animals. It was surprising to the researcher that the disease is already optimized for human transmission.This would be very unexpected in a disease that just mutated to attack humans.
      It’s more evidence that the virus was created to create a pandemic. And almost 2 years later, there is no animals discovered that would be a reservoir. With SARS 1, within a few months it was discovered that the civot was the reservoir.

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