Democrats Are Lying About Voting ID Requirements

June/22/2021 17:08PM
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When talk of requiring ID’s to vote Democrats scream Jim Crow law. Meaning this is making it hard for minorities to vote. This is an insult to minorities who want honest elections.

Seems Democrats want to deny the will of the public for spurious motives. Do Democrats want the option of having illegal elections?

Democrats voted to require the star on driving licenses to fly on a domestic airline. To get this minorities must provide far more data than to get an ID to vote. So, do Democrats want to deny minorities the right to fly?

The will of the people is being denied by Democrats who are blatantly lying to refuse this. Why?

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Comment (1)

  1. M. Aurelius says:

    Your premise is flawed.
    Your worldview is selfish, and it can be categorically shown throughout your writing that you do not care about the next generation – or even your own peers for that matter.

    You’re a sad man, who will be forgotten. It would have been better if UA232 had taken you in place of one of the deaths. The world would be spared from your hate.

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