US to Rebuild Damage From Israeli/Hamas War

May/22/2021 7:29AM
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Thousands, if not millions, of Americans are living on the street in cities across this country. But, the Biden administration announced they plan to send billions to Hamas to rebuild the damage from the Israeli air attacks in response to the Hamas missiles fired into Israel.

If I filled a room with 100 US citizens picked at random with no regard to race, gender, or political affiliation and asked if they endorse this plan, zero would agree. All would prefer the money go to the homeless in this country rather than to Hamas who will take the money and buy more missiles from Iran who bought the missiles with money provided to them by Obama and Biden.

If that’s true, how do you explain how the Biden administration gets away with this spending plan?

It’s simple. This is on the media no fly list. Simply don’t cover this story. Keep the public in the dark. Just like the media allows the Democrat Party to sell the AOC Green New Deal under the brand Infrastructure when the money for electric vehicles exceeds the amount included for bridges, roads, and other true infrastructure projects.

Again, we see the media is the evil that is destroying this nation. ,

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Just been traveling I-40 the length of Tennessee and half of Arkansas.

    Given how many horrible traffic delays there were because of road construction, I fear we couldn’t actually tolerate an infrastructure spend of the trillions and trillions of dollars that Biden wants, the whole country would be grid locked.

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