The Biden Economy

May/05/2021 7:41AM
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I lived through the Carter years. High inflation, 20% interest rates, devalued dollar, shortages, and lines for gasoline. Biden has brought that back in just over 100 days.

It’s not going to get better it’s going downhill. Pumping all those dollars into the economy will insure that.

Now, he proposes a mere $6 trillion in spending.

Employers can’t find employees since Biden pays more to stay home and not work. With his massive expansion of government small businessmen will be competing with the government for employees and the government will pay more with better benefits and little work expected.

As all of this worsens the hopes for the Democrats holding the majority in Congress will diminish.

Then Biden will be left with two years to stay in the basement and wonder why he let the far left do this.

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