Mid Term Elections

May/16/2021 13:08PM
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After seeing what Biden has done in the past 4 months I would like to thank him for doing nothing the past 47 years. 

The country has seen success(Trump) and abject failure(Biden) and one would hope the mean tweets that Trump did will be less significant in the mid term elections.  

But, Biden is like Santa Claus giving away the checks for not working.

Will this offset the issues at the border, the pipeline problems, war between Israel and Hamas, rampant inflation, and an unwilling work force to work thanks to Santa?

Trump followed through on his campaign promises and Biden just lied like he has his entire life. Creating unity being the biggest example.

Trump is cranking up his MAGA tours again. Biden is sinking into the “long goodbye” of Alzheimer’s illness.

How will voters respond in the mid term elections?

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