We the People are the Government

April/29/2021 15:22PM
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Biden quoted this title in his feeble speech to the nation. I have never felt a part of the government and never will. I am hard pressed to make a list of what I have received from the Federal government.

I got a draft notice. I got to pay into social security and Medicare my entire working life. The government gave me unwinnable wars. Viet Nam, where I lost friends, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I have sent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to that government.

I have roads I pay for with gasoline tax dollars.

The government gave me a green deal called Solyndra. Now, Biden wants to double down on that.

Biden showed in his speech that he intends to keep the schools closed and the border open. By doing that he will help education.

My Medicare payments now nearly equal my Social Security payments.

My vote counts nothing in Illinois. A state the Democrats have bankrupted.

My tax dollars go to foreign countries. Countries that hate us.

I get mail delivered by the government. From the USPS that will lose $2 billion this year and the government doesn’t care.

I believe all governments in this country are corrupt and inept from top to bottom. I don’t wish to be part of that.

So, President Biden, I recognize that “We the people are the government” is appropriate for Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Russia. But, God help us despite your efforts, not the United States of America.

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