MLB, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Dell Computer Endorse Illegal Elections

April/03/2021 8:50AM
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Georgia has a new election law. Biden called it a Jim Crow law, which is a blatant lie. He then endorsed Major League Baseball’s move to take the All Star baseball game from Atlanta. Texas then announced they will pass a bill similar to the Georgia Law. American Airlines and Dell Computer voiced their objections to the law. Joining Coca Cola and Delta Airlines in Georgia.

Basically these institutions have endorsed illegal elections. They have gone public that they believe only Democrats and Liberals can boycott. Boy, are they wrong.

Fox News has lost 32% of their viewers because of their election coverage shenanigans. Major League baseball can’t tolerate a 32% loss in patronage but they will get that and more.

Biden, Stacy Abrams, and the media have spun lies about the Georgia election laws and these institutions bought it.

You decide. Going to watch baseball, drink a Coke, buy a Dell computer, or fly Delta or American? They cater to illegal elections and Democrats only.

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