Crazy Times

April/18/2021 9:52AM
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People today smoke weed at a family gathering and the gathering is the illegal part.

Japanese Prime Minister and his wife come to visit and the President is napping and doesn’t greet them.

Rioting is a daily event in Portland and no one cares.

The border  is in absolute chaos and no one cares. If 100,000 Russians came across the border to vote Republican would it be different ?

Democrats kill a bill for tuition assistance for veterans killed in battle then give illegals free tuition.

Rioting in Minneapolis and the answer is to go to zero cops.

Arizona is auditing the 2020 election and the media is upset.

Adding DC as a state and packing the Supreme Court are high Democrat priorities.

Democrats have a 50/50  tie in the Senate and a 2 person majority in the House but behave like they have a mandate.

Hundreds of blacks die every year in Chicago by gunfire and those black lives don’t matter.

The Adam Schiff story about Russia putting bounties on US troops is debunked. Schiff knew it was a lie. Schiff is still on intelligence committee along with Swalwell who had an affair with a Chinese spy.

500 corporate executives signed a letter protesting the Georgia election reform showing corporate America is supporting a one party country.

Fauci is still giving COVID advice even though we all know he’s a spin doctor.

We are experiencing rampant inflation and no one notices.

Every mass shooter was under watch by the FBI but nothing happened.

Biden purportedly plays golf. When Trump played the press said he needed to be working. With Biden the issue is can he really play golf?

Major league baseball is in trouble. Attendance and viewership keeps dropping. Answer: kiss off all Conservatives over Georgia voting proposal.

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