Texas is Free From COVID Restrictions

March/03/2021 9:27AM
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The first state to go totally free from COVID restrictions is getting severe criticisms from the Democrats and media.

The Washington Post:

The editorial board of The Washington Post joined the growing chorus of criticism being leveled at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday after he announced the end of the state’s mask mandate and the imminent relaxation of other restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

In a scathing column, the newspaper’s board described the decision ? which comes as daily new infections plateau ? as “premature and reckless.”

Abbott was “gambling with the health of his state and beyond,” it said.

“The governor’s decision may cheer those feeling rebellious, fatigued and impatient with the year-long pandemic restrictions,” wrote the board. “But the result of opening too soon will be viral spread, and more suffering.”

“The winter holidays and the third surge were awful,” it concluded. “A fourth surge — which could spread beyond Texas — is the last thing the country needs just as vaccines are being rolled out. Mr. Abbott is throwing a match on kindling.”

So there you have the politics of COVID, Texas, excluding Austin, is making a break from the bogus science of Fauci, and the one-trick pony of Biden( wear a mask, wear two masks, wear three masks) and returning the citizen of Texas to pre-COVID freedoms.

The country is watching Texas.

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