Day 46 and Biden Can’t Do a Press Conference

March/07/2021 10:07AM
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Our Alzheimer’s patient President the media foisted on us can’t do a press conference. Nor a State of the Union Address. We are truly the laughing stock of the world.

Thirty Democrats in Congress signed a letter to take the nuclear football from this poor guy.

The slim majority the Democrats hold in the House and Senate is showing with the problems they are having with the bogus COVID Stimulus Bill.

As Biden sinks further into dementia the sniveling politicians in Congress will run to distance themselves from him. In short order he will become a hapless leper.

The great plan by the Democrats and executed flawlessly by the media will backfire. Selling America a lame horse was not only cruel treatment of the horse, but has shown the sellers knew full well the horse couldn’t run.

Americans’ don’t like being duped.

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