Bad Week for President Biden

March/21/2021 9:24AM
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The biggest embarrassment to this country in my lifetime had a bad week. The Chinese basically laughed at his Secretary of State at a meeting in Alaska. The border mess is being acknowledged by the media and he is forced to take a trip there and try to make adjustments to his open border policy. He calls Putin a killer and Putin pulls his ambassador from DC. He once again refers to VP Harris as President Harris. Putin’s comment: ” I wish him good health”

See, the world sees what the media hides. Biden is unfit to be President. This is getting serious as you can see with the Chinese and Russian response to him. We are  in serious trouble with him as President and the backup might be worse. The state of Arizona is hand recounting 2 million ballots and the best thing that could happen to this country right now is for that recount to show massive election fraud.

Then we had this. Watch as the media tries to cover our President crawling up the ramp to Air Force One.

Remember this?

Karma at it’s finest. Biden has always been a braggart exaggerating his deeds and making himself bigger than he has ever been. Here’s the classic example.

None of this is funny. If we had true journalists in this country Biden’s true condition would have been exposed before the election. The consequences of living with Tass and Pravda in this country are becoming very serious.

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