Hunker Down with President Biden

February/02/2021 7:41AM
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Reality check. This country has elected an Alzheimer’s patient President. Perhaps our selection process is as broken as our elective process. We marketers have used ads to sell products for centuries. The media is where the ads are placed. The media today sold Biden to the public free of charge to Biden but the cost to this country will be dear.

The man is out of gas. They bring him out to sign what they hand him and he slinks back to his office or a nap. He never has accomplished anything and now he’s a mere tool of the Democrat left. His shelf life is short. The Party and the media can only hide what they have done so long. The anger when it’s exposed will do damage to both. Jimmy Carter was a micro manager who stuck his fingers into everything and screwed what he touched up badly. We had lines at gas stations, you could fuel every other day, 22% interest rates, and hostages in Iran he couldn’t free. He was attacked by a rabbit and had Billy Carter pissing in public. It cost the Democrat Party 12 years. Eight of Reagan and four of Bush the Senior. Carter was not damaged goods sold to the public under false pretenses he was just incompetent. Biden started out  incompetent and was sold knowing he is suffering dementia.

Hunker down. He will self-destruct and the damage the Democrats and media put us through knowing full well his condition will be more lasting than the Carter damage.

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