Democrats will Pay a Big Price for Keeping Kids out of School and Sports for a Year

February/12/2021 9:10AM
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In most Democrat run states kids have been deprived of in-class school and sports for a year. In many cases a senior year. Kids aren’t stupid and they know it was the unions that did this in concert with the Democrat politicians who bow to the unions.

All the brainwashing those teachers have done to those kids for years is gone. It was the liberal teachers, the liberal unions, and the liberal governors who took this from them. As soon as they can vote they will be casting votes against those politicians. This is something kids and many of their parents will never forget.

Now they watch as their grandparents can’t get the COVID vaccines in those states due to the incompetence of those same governors. In many cases the family is suffering economically because these governors have closed down businesses where mom and dad worked.

Now they watch as Democrats waste time trying to impeach the ex-President who got the vaccine the Democrats can’t deliver. The President who wanted schools to reopen.

This will change the political landscape in the near future.

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