Biden Gets Passes from the Media-Trump Never Did

February/21/2021 18:32PM
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The media trashed Trump 24/7 for four years. We already see Biden getting a pass for every misstep.

ABC News in Phoenix set the bar at a new low. They ran a special on the disaster in Texas and used footage of Biden getting out of a chopper as if he were there. Not only is he not there he didn’t address the issue until days after and then shorted the governor the numbers of counties granted relief by 75%.

We learned Cruz will now replace Trump as the media whipping boy after they trashed him all week for going to Mexico for a day. That took the heat off Biden for going to Wisconsin instead of Texas.

Biden has given us open borders and closed schools. Over 100,000 have died of Covid since Biden took office. He ran largely on doing better to solve the Pandemic. I can’t name one thing he has done to make it better. He lied about not having the vaccine when he took office. I got my first shot before he took office. Can you imagine if Trump had spewed a lie of that magnitude?

The media always picks the best picture of Biden for stories and used the worst of Trump.

But, of all the gaffes and misdeeds this President has received from the media his speech about blacks and other minorities being too dumb to use a computer was by far the worst. The media used a lie about Trump’s comments on Charlottesville to brand him a racist for four years. Biden claimed he ran for President because of that misquoted Trump comment. You be the judge.



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