Who Planned the Capitol Incursion?

January/15/2021 9:43AM
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Once we had investigators and journalists. No more.

We have Tass and Pravda spewing support for every liberal cause and attacking every conservative.

We have a justice department that locks up conservatives and ignores Hunter Biden.

If you believed for one second that Jussie Smollett was attacked on the south side of Chicago in the middle of the night by white dudes, you also believe that ANTIFA had nothing to do with the break in at the Capitol. If you believed a garage door rope in the garage of Bubba Wallace was a noose put there by a Trump supporter, you believe the Capitol riot was a spontaneous act by Trump supporters.  The FBI sent 20 investigators to Bubba’s garage.

You are justified in these beliefs because the media tells you what to believe and you obey. Further, there will be no conflicting evidence developed by the FBI since they will not investigate. Trump just declassified the wiretapping of his campaign headquarters and subsequent charge that Russia stole the 2016 election from Hillary and the FBI was in that up to their eyeballs.

Who would investigate election fraud? Certainly not journalists or FBI agents.

Jussie has never been prosecuted for the crime he committed that cost the City of Chicago millions to investigate a hoax.


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