Today Reality is Here-We are now Officially on the path to be the United States of Venezuela

January/06/2021 10:15AM
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I called it on twitter last night at 9;00 PM MST. Democrats will take the two Georgia senate seats with the two worst candidates in senate election history. Stacey Abrams and the Democrats worked to get out the vote by hook or by crook while Mitch and the Republicans sent you 50 emails a day soliciting cash and now launder the left over and add it to his $22 million net worth and he throws scraps to the other 20 who were sending emails.

Today Mike Pence will take a bow and head off to Europe as he had scheduled and tomorrow this country will begin to race down the road to Venezuela.

Here’s you best advice I can provide. Give up politics and take up a new hobby or job and work on your prayer skills. Pray that Biden tanks the country so fast that voters stop getting advice from the media and begin to think for themselves. Hope that the midterm elections bring change and that stops the carnage. Otherwise, welcome in the new era of China replacing this country as the new superpower and hope your grandkids learn to cope with far less stuff and far fewer good jobs.

Find something to occupy your time other than politics. Trump will.

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