Democrats are Overplaying their Hand on Trump’s Impeachment

January/13/2021 9:35AM
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Bad decisions create lasting bad results.

The media, mostly social media, has convinced the Democrat Party, mostly Pelosi and Schumer, that the Capitol incursion has put Trump in hospice.

They overlook 4 years of Trump rallies without violence. They miss the majority of Americans believe there were problems with election integrity. They forget they almost lost the House in November, and aren’t seeing Trump’s approval rating holding or growing.

They spin Trump’s speech to be a spark that ignited the disaster. The speech did not do that. No more than Obama caused Ferguson, Mo.

So, once again, the Pelosi Democrats clearly demonstrate they are only capable of hating Trump and have nothing of substance for the public.

They have all the levers just like Trump did in 2017. The presidency, the Senate, and the House. But, their problems are bigger than Trump’s. Biden not only has Joe Manchin to deal with, but Pelosi has the far left demanding their agenda and only their agenda, and the much narrower margin they have in the House makes that a bigger problem. Paul Ryan kept Trump from doing more the first two years. These issues will keep Biden from doing anything.

Hillary tried to cause Trump problems from the sidelines. But, Hillary was not that popular. Trump will cause Biden far more problems.

The social media will not run this country despite what they believe right now fomenting problems by banning Trump. Not one, except Google, has anything that can’t be duplicated quickly and better. They will pay dearly for what they are trying to do as well as the mainstream media. ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox are dying with their non-news programming. They won’t survive the huge loss of news viewership they are creating with the daily support for Trump’s impeachment.

They all believe the Republican Party is on life support and they are trying to pull the plug. In truth, they may be putting the Democrat Party on COVID and already on a ventilator.

It never pays to spike the ball on the 40 yard line.

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