Biden is off to a Roaring Start

January/24/2021 10:13AM
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The trashing of Trump continues unabated in the media. Seems he’s still the President instead of the empty suit in the Oval Office. The media will find it hard to put a head on the suit for however  limited his shelf life lasts. Meanwhile, the Republican Party without Trump does what it does best, snooze. The Democrats overreach and the Republicans do nothing.

Here’s a summary of Biden’s first week. He stops the Keystone Pipeline, putting 70,000 loyal union workers out of work. Pissing off Canada since it was to bring Canadian crude oil to US Gulf Coast refineries. He jumped back into the Paris Accord which transfers tax dollar from this country during a time of need to Europe with zero benefit. He cancelled Trump’s travel moratorium from dangerous countries that will import terrorists, he is again funding the WHO that was of zero use in the pandemic, he is releasing illegals at the border and stopping the wall, allows men to compete with women in sports at all levels, a useless mask mandate, adds illegals to census, and revokes existing orders on regulations.

Then in a speech he says, ” there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months”.  Big campaign talk all gone. “I’ve got nothing”  says Biden.

As he was signing an order an open mic heard this ” I don’t know what I’m signing. Someone says sign it anyway.”

China is starting aggressive acts in Taiwan.

Katie Couric to guest host Jeopardy, maybe. She said on Bill Maher’s show ” Trump supporters need to be deprogramed”  It’s time to stop this like Democrats would. If they proceed with her, don’t watch.

Unless the Republicans sue Biden on every executive order and put it before a Trump judge like Democrats did to Trump for four years it’s going to be a sad future.

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