The Texas Election Lawsuit Explained

December/10/2020 9:13AM
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Google this: Texas Lawsuit Explained.

What did you get? I counted 15 biased journalist opinions with zero facts beginning with CNN.

If this was as frivolous as all of these articles suggest why did 16 states join Texas in this claim?

Basically the legal position is simple. The Constitution says the legislatures of the states must establish the rules for elections. The four states in the lawsuit had a governor establish changes to the rules in place by that state’s legislature. The changes were mail-in ballots which were instrumental in the fraud the lawsuit suggests occurred. Don’t know, but it would be nice if the public could just get a true picture of the issue and not those of morons with degrees in journalism and huge biases to Biden.

The same so-called journalists that hid the Hunter Biden tax investigation until after the election. With help from the so-called FBI.

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