Merry COVID Christmas

December/24/2020 10:39AM
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My first thought was to award lumps of coal to deserving politicians and celebrities like Fauci this year. Then I realized there were far too many.  Some , like China, came to mind. Who do you give that lump to? President Xi, or the country itself?

One thing is for sure. The Coronavirus that came from China made this a very sad and difficult year for everyone in the world.

the-epas-crackdown-on-santaThis will be a very difficult Christmas for Christians around the world. Many have lost loved ones to the virus.

Many cannot afford gifts.

Most can’t attend church to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason for Christmas.

Many are sick at home or in a hospital with the virus.

Many have become depressed, addicted, or child or spouse abusers from the effects of the virus.

Many have lost friends or family to suicide from the effects.

Many will not be with friends and family for fear of the virus.

Most can’t go to a restaurant to meet friends and family.

The toll the virus has taken on the country and the world doesn’t take a day off for Christmas. We are living in a very angry time. The media inundates us with stories that are intended to anger some viewers. Late night comics do the same thinking it’s funny. Maybe it is for some. Humor is scarce these days. Hard to laugh when you are sad or mad.

I don’t know what your plans are this Christmas. But, please do whatever you plan with a prayer for those who are hurting and for a better 2021.

Merry Christmas. .

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