2020 Will be Thirteen Months

December/31/2020 9:28AM
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2020 started with so much promise. The economy was roaring along and there was peace in the world. The Democrat Party was into the fourth year of doing nothing but trying to get rid of President Trump who was building the wall they never approved. The media was working 24/7 to help the Democrats with that singular mission.

Then came the virus. The Chinese shipped us a little bug-COVID19 or Coronavirus. Everything stopped. The Democrats and the media were handed their greatest gift ever. Trump could be blamed for everything COVID and there was no defense. The gift included an evil, lying, liberal elf named Dr. Anthony Fauci. Like Jill Biden, not a real doctor, but an immunologist. Also, like anyone named Biden a person not to be trusted. Trump was botching his COVID updates and Fauci stabbed him in the back weekly and the media used both to do serious  damage to his approval ratings.

Then on May 25th the cops in Minneapolis killed George Floyd. This gave the media yet another opportunity to set off civil unrest across the country and they and the Democrats used this for political gain. Black lives matter, defund the police, ANTIFA in Portland, Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone”, and all that followed that.

Biden was struggling to get the Democratic nomination for President when James Clyburn endorsed him. That sealed the black vote and got him a groundswell of energy to carry him to the win. He hid in his basement, did not do  press conferences, drew no supporters to rallies and appeared to be phoning it in. There were to be three debates and one was cancelled when Trump got the virus. The bias of the moderators was blatant.

Biden won a contested election. Trump had warned for months that mail-in ballots would allow for rampant cheating. He was correct. January 6, 2021 will be the critical date to determine the winner of the election.

We go into January of 2021 not knowing who is the President of the United States. It seems inconceivable that this country would elect an Alzheimer’s patient President. Yesterday, in a speech, Biden referred to Harris as the President elect.

We go into January 2021 locked down in Democrat run states and cities. In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown fines Linsdsey Graham, really her name, $14,000 for remaining open for business, then sends the Health and Human Services to Lindsey’s home to harass her children without Lindsey being home. This takes socialism into Communism. A new strain of the virus breaks out in Colorado.

I can only say we all want 2020 to be gone but it refuses to leave. I will  wish you a Happy New Year when it does.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Great blog Bill. I to hope President Trump remains as our president for 4 more years. Happy New Years to everyone

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