Biden is not President Elect

November/13/2020 8:48AM
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The media is not running this country, thank God. All the smart kids went into finance, engineering, medical , law, and the rest to journalism. After a full indoctrination into Socialism.

The media does not decide the President. Honest elections should. The honest part is then certified. When you are told repeatedly there is no evidence of fraud, you are not being told the truth.

There are many reasons to believe this election was not an honest election. The media and the Democrats can tell you every day it was but until the various investigations underway are  finished it is not a certified election.

So, every day when you are told it’s a done deal you are not being told the truth.

The Democrat Party has not been a paragon of integrity the past four years so why are they so indignant that they are absolutely incapable of rigging an election? Democrats in Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia have been rigging elections for centuries.

When the Georgia recount gets underway more will be known. As other states are investigated more will be known. Untold numbers of people involved with elections have signed affidavits saying they witnessed questionable activity. Democrats tried to impeach Trump on one whistleblower. But, hundreds don’t count here.

Nor, here. A judge in Ukraine has ordered that a criminal case file be opened regarding Biden’s efforts as VP to get Ukraine’s top prosecutor removed from office.

Desperate people do desperate things. Trying to unseat a President for four years has shown that.

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