2020 Election Prediction

November/03/2020 8:50AM
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Early morning on November 8, 2016 this was my blog:

Trump Wins

November/08/2016 7:55AM

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You will wake tomorrow to this headline.

I have faith in my fellow Americans to do the right thing. Underneath all the noise there is a fundamental groundswell that sees the corruption in DC. This country has been through many rough patches and always come through.

If I am wrong and you are happy, I know we will survive another Clinton takeover. If I am right and you are unhappy, I hope we can make you happy by doing things that will make millions more happy.

I have an old hat and a salt shaker standing by.

Four years later we have a similar situation. Biden is leading by as much as 8 points in most polls. Just as Hillary was in 2016.

Trump is not running against Biden this election he’s running against the media and the virus. The media has been working full-time to pin the virus on Trump and to cover all Biden’s sins. Biden is a senile pawn in this election.

Here’s my 2020 prediction. You may not wake tomorrow to this headline but eventually you will. When it’s all sorted out Pennsylvania will put Trump over the top in a narrow election. Fracking will carry the day.

It will be a contested election and the possibility of violence is clear. But, in the end there will be this headline.


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