Trump’s Road to Victory

October/22/2020 7:07AM
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First, the economy. Recent polls say 55% of those polled say they are better off now than four years ago. This is a strong indication voters favor Trump on the economy the key component in Presidential elections.

Next, voter registrations in battleground states. Republicans put a heavy emphasis on a ground game and have been registering new voters in the key states. Their numbers in these states are substantially higher than Democrats who stayed away from door knocking for COVID.

Enthusiasm is hard to measure but Trump and Pence and the Trump family rallies draw thousands and Ho Chi Minh Harris drew 20 people in NC where she danced like a left-footed white woman as if she were so excited. In Phoenix no one showed for one rally.

Every day the Hunter laptop gives the Republican ticket new gifts even though the media is burying the story. The only response by the Biden people is Russian interference but that is wearing thin with voters.

Biden taking four days off for the last debate is unique in Presidential politicking and either he is physically incapable, mentally incapable, or the laptop has put him on the shelf.

Even the polls have tightened.

The threats by what is now the angry and violent Democrat Party keep Trump voters silent. The size of this bloc is hard to poll.

The campaign funds raised by Democrats should worry us but Trump spent little in 2016.

The biggest wild cards are the black and Latino voters. They seem to be favoring Trump more than in the past.

It is looking like a tight contest and I can’t really make a call. The laptop damage will get more exposure and that could swing the vote Trump’s way.

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