The Debate and Trump’s Tax Returns

October/01/2020 6:59AM
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First, the debate. Yes, President Trump was too hot. In this era of snowflakes and people who vote based on style and not substance he lost votes for that. But, back to substance it was 100% Trump and Biden had none. He runs on Obama-like unmeasurable platitudes like BLM, climate change, science and COVID, etc. Trump on measurable results like the GDP, unemployment, the Dow Jones, VA hospital deaths, the mere 8 million Americans on ObamaCare not the millions of American who will lose health insurance if it goes away, trade deficits with China, etc. That’s what we businesspeople do. Trump will never get votes from those who make decisions based on the media.

There was one scoreboard on the debate. In a poll conducted after the debate, 66 percent of participants told Telemundo they believed Trump won the debate. Only 34 percent of poll participants thought Biden made a better showing in Tuesday’s debate. If Trump gets the Hispanic vote you can forget the snowflakes that don’t like his style. This is putting fear in the hearts of every Democrat, believe that. Guess our Hispanic citizens don’t run from a little confrontation.

Now, the tax returns. The NYT was Trump’s business returns not his personal returns. If you think for one minute the IRS has not been on Trump’s tax returns for years, think again. Trump follows the rules that people like Biden have written. Those rules are written to encourage business people to take risks and make investments. Like depreciation, business expenses, abnormal retirements, etc. Trumps business employs 20,000 people.

Trump has assets of over $3 billion and debt of $1 billion. Far less leveraged that the USA with debt of $26 trillion. His lenders car roll over loans and will if his businesses lose money which they may be in the Pandemic.

In addition to his business tax return, Trump pays individual taxes. So, what we see is a very successful man who is trying to run this country like he ran his businesses.

He was very little patience for the likes of a useless politician like Joe Biden or a moronic journalist like Chris Wallace.

But, unlike either, he has your best interests in mind as our President.

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