The War on Cops

September/17/2020 8:59AM
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WAR ON POLICE: Over 431 Police Officers Injured or Killed in Recent Far Left Black Lives Matter Protests and Riots

There is a war in this country. Black Americans think it’s open season on cops. Pick any video.

The media did this. Local ABC Nightly News in Chicago runs a minimum of 2 police/black confrontations every night at 10 PM. These are all repeats of the same situations that have occurred over the past months. This is a blatant effort to create more civil unrest. The so-called unintended result is more cops get shot. The families of cops killed and wounded should be able to sue the media and collect damages. And, more innocents including children get shot and die on the streets of Chicago where that other war rages.

My last entry compared the NFL kneeling to cops who died running into the World Trade Center . I said no NFL players ran in, cops did. This was also something I tweeted. That Tweet went viral with 2.7 million impressions, 1.4 million engagements, 262 thousand times people viewed the details, 82 ,458 clicks on my profile, 68 thousand likes, and 35 thousand retweets. That is more activity than some Trump Tweets. I choose to use pictures of firemen to recognize their valor as well and because of the emotion shown.

Many respondents simply pointed out they were fireman. Hundreds denied any cops died that day when 71 did. I am not pointing this out to crow about the tweet, but to point out the ugliness of many responses. I will just list a few to show you the level of hatred the media has created toward the cops in this county.

Cops are the only people who beat their wives more than NFL players

F***….and I can’t stress this enough…the police

Seems like the NFL players made the smarter decision

the cops arrested the fire

9/11 was an inside job

You die

Sorry you didn’t die in the plane crash

Believe it or not they got worse.

Here are some statistics:

That’s former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani offering his perspective to Fox News on rising concerns that police disproportionately kill black Americans.

“The unarmed shootings — which are the ones that are the troublesome ones — there are only 9 of them against blacks — 20 against whites in 2019. So that‘ll give you a sense. Meanwhile, there were 9,000 murders of blacks, 7,500 of which were black-on-black,” Giuliani told Fox’s Ed Henry during a recent interview.

Further statistics:

Next, we looked at the number of blacks killed by police in 2014 – 2019

During this period, 1,654 blacks were killed. This is an average of 275 per year. In fact, 2015 saw 305 deaths for a high and 258 was the lowest number in 2018. Of these fatalities, 286 were considered unarmed. That is an average of 47 people per year. The deadliest year was 2015 with 78. Both 2018 and 2019 had the lowest totals of 28 each year.

In a perfect world no unarmed person should be shot by a cop. But, we are having all these riots and cop killings over an average of 28 mistakes in 2018 and 2019. That’s not an average weekend in Chicago.

The media has blown this out  of proportion. They have created this war on cops.

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