Do BLM Protests help or hurt Biden?

September/07/2020 7:53AM
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First, are most BLM protests non-violent?


A poll shows a majority(59%) say some people’s desire to take advantage of the situation to engage in criminal behavior has contributed a great deal to the protests.

There has been a lot of news about the social media trying to influence the election in favor of Democrats. Want proof? Goggle Law and Order polls. First up, CNN: “Trump’s law and order campaign isn’t working.” Followed by more liberal news outlets: The Hill, Newsweek, FiveThirtyEight(BLM), NY Times. All suggest the law and order strategy for Trump isn’t working.

Why, then, did Don Lemon warn Biden he needed to step it up on law and order? Not a journalist’s job to become part of a campaign by supporting a specific candidate, but CNN is not a news outlet it’s an advocacy channel for Socialism.

Lost in all of this is the evidence that an increase in crime follows a BLM demonstration that turns to violence. That is most evident in NYC where people are leaving in droves.

Nearly all polls show a significant gap in voting enthusiasm between political parties, with Republicans far more excited about voting.

No one talks about the elephant in the room. In riots in cities like Portland Trump supporters get injured and killed by BLM/ANTIFA supporters. Hence, there is a fear factor for supporting Trump. The reverse of that is the violence sticks to Democrats since their side seem most often involved.

If Coronavirus continues to wane this takes a higher priority with voters. People being polled on law and order don’t want to labeled racist. But, they don’t want violence in their neighborhoods.

The debates, if there are debates, will move the needle on this.

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