The Sad State of the United States

August/15/2020 9:05AM
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These are unbelievable  times.

We have an Alzheimer’s patient running for President.

He has picked, very late, a VP candidate who failed miserably as a rival Presidential candidate, to limit her exposure, since she is really the Presidential candidate since he won’t finish a term.

We have a President who has done a remarkable job presumably 7 points behind that senile  Democrat candidate who can’t take questions from the media. And, who has no record of success in government over 50 years.

The little we know about the Biden platform is raise taxes, open borders, face masks everywhere, end fracking, love China, no law and order, and basically make America Portland, Chicago, NYC, and Seattle where residents are fleeing.

All major Democrat cities are becoming junk yards. Crime ridden, high tax dangerous places where no one wants to live. Many want to or have defunded the police even as crime goes up and citizens leave.

A man with a criminal past under the influence of heavy drugs is murdered in a cruel fashion by a rogue cop and we have 10 days of funerals. A five-year old boy named Cannon Blake Hinnant is murdered in his yard by a neighbor while riding his bike and the MSM ignores this.

Trump is blamed for the Coronavirus when he cut off travel from China immediately and was criticized for doing so by the Alzheimer’s patient who says he would  do better. Twenty percent of the deaths are in NY and NJ where Democrat governors sent Coronavirus patients to nursing homes. Trump delegated the day to day to governors and many like NY and IL requested and got millions of dollars of help that sat unused.

The MSM gives the Alzheimer’s patient and his wanna be African American running mate cover every day by blasting Trump and ignoring his accomplishments.

The Democrats in Congress have done zilch for four years except try to get rid of Trump.

An FBI lawyer cops a guilty plea to submitting fraudulent data to get a FISA warrant to wire tap Trump’s campaign headquarters before and after the election.

I am told I suffer from white privilege . I stated work at age 14 at a bus station bussing tables and worked all my life until retirement. We moved 10 times in 14 years as I was being promoted and trained in different areas of a business. I want to college on a partial athletic scholarship and worked several jobs while there. Worked construction in the summers. Was the first in the family to go to and graduate college. From all those jobs and paychecks thousands of dollars went to support poor minorities. If corrupt minority politicians stole the money then should be making reparations , not me.

All of this brings me to these conclusions. I don’t know how anyone can be a Democrat voter after the past four years. There is not an ounce of common sense when one looks at the facts. As I think about how my country got to the place where success is measured by how the MSM defines it, not how each individual voter sees the facts, I understand how propaganda destroyed countries and caused world wars.

We cannot live with a MSM that is Pravda spewing propaganda and hiding truth.

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  1. Scott says:

    “The Democrats in Congress have done zilch for four years except try to get rid of Trump.” Maybe it has more to do with the huge pile of mostly bipartisan bills Mitch is sleeping on?

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