The COVID-19 Election

August/07/2020 6:53AM
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The last hope of Democrats for the November election is COVID.  The media locked in. The CDC is on board issuing instruction to label everything COVID including gun and motorcycle deaths. Hospitals are on the bounty plan getting more much needed cash for COVID deaths.  The official count is 150,000 including all noise .

Every news program opens with an update. Every newspaper with the front page update.

The  idea is this. You are to accept that this is Trump’s fault. He botched it. The Alzheimer’s patient in the basement could have done better.

You are to overlook the economy in February, the wall, the foreign policy victories, and all the good deeds done by Trump.

You are to accept higher taxes, $10 gasoline, a stock market disaster, and God knows what else with Biden dying by June of next year and some unknown black female Communist running the country.

This is where I ask, how damned dumb are you?

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Well we did elect Obama twice, so I’m going with pretty stupid

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