Selling Biden to Voters

August/20/2020 8:16AM
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Getting Biden across the finish line is going to take a media miracle. I credit the media because it’s up to them. Joe isn’t going to sell Joe and Kamala isn’t going to sell Joe. The job rests solely with the mainstream media.

Anyone who saw Joe standing on the stage applauding Kamala’s speech saw a man deep into the Alzheimer’s Disease. Joe didn’t know where he was. The media and Joe’s handlers have to keep this under wraps for the rest of the campaign. The media is totally complicit in his sham.

Joe has no accomplishments in 50 years so his qualifications must be wrapped around some mystical aura of Joe’s good nature.

Trump’s many accomplishments must be ignored or denigrated.

COVID must be the word of the day. Every news show, every headline, every political mention by the media must lead off with dire statistics for the virus. As the Democrat Convention clearly showed this is all they have. The economy has been conceded to Trump. Voters must be convinced that Trump botched the handling of the virus and Joe would have stopped it in it’s tracks. This is no easy feat since Joe disagreed with Trump’s stopping entry from China on 1-31-20. And, when you clearly see the worst death states are Democrat states.

No news coverage of Portland is allowed. Or, Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis, or Seattle crime problems. If it get’s down to law and order vs. the virus Joe loses.

There must be spotty coverage of the Republican Convention next week and strong, often incorrect, criticism that was absent this week.

There will be no debates. Not Trump and Joe and not Mike and Kamala. Spinning this will be almost impossible.

Hoaxes like the mailbox removals will be prevalent. These innuendos are what the Democrat Party has become.

There can be little coverage of the emerging issues of the FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to falsifying documents for Obama’s wiretapping of the Trump headquarters.

There can be little coverage of Bill Clinton’s many trips to Epstein Island.

It’s a big job and will require heavy lifting on the part of the mainstream media. Fox News will throw in Juan and Donna to do their part.

The approval ratings for mainstream media is below Congress which is just above public looting. Maybe voters aren’t listening or not believing.

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