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July/17/2020 6:53AM
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Joe Biden leads Trump by double digits in the polls.  Pollsters don’t have any Republican voter contact data.

Joe Biden is locked in the basement because of COVID19.  Joe Biden is in last stages of dementia.

ANTIFA doesn’t exist. Those are just restless kids tearing up Portland, OR.

Black lives matter.  If cops are involved, yes.  Black kids dying in cities, not so much.

Trump is screwing up COVID and Biden could have done better. Trump delegated the job to the Governors and Mayors.

Teachers are good people with kid’s best interests in mind. NO, nurses are. They are working along with meat packers and Amazon employees. Teachers do what the evil unions tell them to do.

COVID is getting worse. No, cases are up, tests are up, but deaths are down dramatically.

Biden’s 3 trillion dollar green plan is the best way to spend that money.  No, Obama dropped a billion on Solyndra and other losers. Fracking has saved this country.

Cops are bad. Defund them.  Yes a few cops are bad, but the George Floyd’s , career criminals with guns and on drugs are really bad. Without cops you need a gun.

This country in February was not in good shape.  No, this country at that time was in the best shape in history thanks to the Trump administration.

Open borders are good. Not if you want the COVID patients from Mexico walking across bringing the drugs that cause much of the murders in big cities.

Democrats are good leaders. See: Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA, Seattle, Atlanta , etc.

If blacks can just get their people in office things will get better: see examples above. Plus, Obama.


This is a simple lesson in common sense. If just one brainwashed liberal gets educated by the lesson, all is not lost. Please remember Biden will have AOC as an advisor. In response to the two year old shot in NYC she said “people need to pay the rent and put bread on the table”. cvleeya

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