Mandatory Masks

July/02/2020 6:59AM
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Vice President Biden announced he would make masks mandatory if elected President. If you are a turnip living in a root cellar that makes sense.

The media jumped on that and endorsed that and questioned why Trump doesn’t always wear a mask.

Does anyone ever think about the implications of these ideas? We are living in an angry time. Confrontations between mask advocates and those who refuse to wear a mask are inevitable. People will be injured and maybe killed.

Cops seem busy these days, especially in Chicago where eight young people under fourteen have been shot and killed in two weeks. You want cops busting people who don’t wear a mask? Who enforces the mask rule in Minneapolis where there will be no cops?

Have you tried to jog or hike with a mask. In Arizona where it’s 110 degrees? Mow your lawn? Work construction?

The science on masks is still being debated. Mandating something that may not work is typical of government. Like prohibition didn’t solve alcoholism. Took a decade to fix it.

Saw another example this week. Dr. Fauci , the expert who’s always wrong ( masks don’t work, masks work),  put forth his recommendation for re-opening schools. Have school every other day. This shows how detached from reality this man is. See, Dr., parents work when kids are in school.

Thank goodness there is always a place where these ideas can be tested and fail before a demented fool like Biden can make an executive order. That lab is usually California where no common sense exists in government. Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Newsom, is making noise about doing it as are other liberal governors.

Let them try it.

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