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July/24/2020 8:13AM
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This after the mob booed him and told him to resign. The Federal cops were protecting the Federal property. He and the governor can’t resolve the rioting in his city and seem to endorse it. But, the rioters told him his liberal government is not enough. Only Mao had the answer.


Demonstrators went to mayor Lori Lightfoot’s house last night. Guess record numbers of murders don’t fit their pistol, pun intended. So she removed the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park. If something displeases you in Chicago demonstrate at the Mayor’s house. But, exclude murders.

The Democrat candidate for President said this from his bunker this week:

Here’s what Biden said: ” I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows. They would…actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.”

Then he referred to COVID 19 as COVID 9.

Sure, he’s not demented. And polls say he leading by double digits. Voters say he could do a better job with the virus.

I  had lunch with a friend who has been waiting 22 days to get a COVID 19 test result back. The governments are running these test stations like the DMV.

Few people believe the facts being reported about the virus. Yet, it will determine the elections in November.

Sports were an outlet from politics. No more.


Yankees and Nationals all took a knee for the National Anthem at the opening game of the shortened baseball season

Dr. Fauci showed he knows no embarrassment and is willing to prove that by throwing the opening pitch half way. Then This.


This man has become the next Kardashian. A celebrity selling snake oil.

Schools may or may not open this fall. The teachers’ unions have taken control. This is not about the kids, but about power. The kids are safe.


Let me sum it up this way:

November election choices are simple: Democrats: the shithouse of San Francisco, the slaughterhouse of Chicago, or the madhouse of Portland.

Republicans : law and order and the jobfest of the past three years.



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