Who are the mobs tearing down statues? The WOKE Movement

June/23/2020 7:03AM
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From what I can learn the WOKE movement is an mix of several political interests. Bernie Sanders’ young people, BLM people, ANTIFA, etc.

Basically, it’s a third political party that rejects both Democrats and Republicans. A party without a true leader but one that is willing to accept a stooge like Joe Biden knowing they can pull his strings.

These people want to overthrow this government and bring real change. True Socialism with a strong touch of Communism.

Many naïve Americans are actually participating in this movement without knowing what they are endorsing. Like all those who marched in BLM marches.

They are destroying our culture by tearing down statues they don’t like or just destroying our rich history as a free Democratic nation. They want the cops to go as well as the guns.

You listen to AOC and you hear what they represent.

Trump is all that stands between this nation and that nation. You may not like Trump or his style but you, your kids, and your grandkids are not going to like living in CHOP/CHAZ.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Trump accuses the mob of not knowing why the statue they want to tear down was placed there and the background of the person being depicted. The media jumps all over him for being wrong. ABC news story today: Anti-racism protesters mistakenly topple statue of anti-slavery activist.

    This stuff just writes itself.

    Man shot in “CHAZ” wants to sue the police for not responding fast enough to the “autonomous zone” through the barricades barring the police from entering.


    As a famous comedian says, there’s no cure for stupid.

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