The Presidential Election

June/19/2020 14:45PM
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Polls show VP Biden has a 10 Point lead over President Trump.

The voters are facing a difficult choice.

A vote for Biden is a vote for a man who seems deep into dementia. A man who has no track record of accomplishments. A man who may be very corrupt based on his son’s involvements in the Ukraine and China and dad’s endorsements of those actions. A man  who is weak on law and order in a time of chaos. A man who is unlikely to finish a four year term.

He is the nominee of a party that has done nothing but try to oust the current President  for the past 3 1/2 years.

Or, voters can pick the obvious underdog, President Trump. A man who’s style repulses people. He is unable to not say and do things that most of us would not say or do. A braggart who takes credit for everything and gives none to his staff. A man none of us would choose to work for or trust. But, a man with arguably the best track record as a President since Reagan. A man who makes big promises and keeps them. A law and order President in a time of no law and order in some quarters. A man who has taken daily abuse from the media like the cops are getting now. Proving he doesn’t bend to a corrupt media trying to destroy this country. A man loved by the military and those cops. A man of incredible energy.

Seems simple. But, nothing is simple today. We deify those with long criminal records and attack those we rely on when a criminal comes after us or our family. A time where Democrats want to take our guns and eliminate our cops.

Maybe Americans are smarter than the polls show.

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