The Political Implications of the Riots

June/01/2020 7:11AM
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President Trump has gone silent on the riots raging across the nation. Despite efforts by Pelosi and Biden to make this Trump’s fight, it’s clearly not. These are local problems created in the cities where the riots are taking place and the responsibility of the local and state politicians to resolve. The President has offered the National Guard where needed and more and more Governors and mayors are accepting that offer.

Some of the Democrat politicians in these cities and states are trying to insinuate that far right thugs are involved but that rings hollow even to the media fanning the flames of this insurrection.

This is a Democrat problem in mainly Democrat run cities and states. A Democrat problem created by their closest ally the mainstream media. True, it began with a heinous crime perpetuated by a rogue cop in Minneapolis. But, like the Coronavirus where the media rooted for the fear of the virus daily and for the continued shutdown of the country, the media is not doing the Democrat Party any favors on this problem.

The media is working hard to spin this as a protest, but it’s not working. Law abiding citizens see it for what it is, mob warfare. Watching store after store looted is not a protest. Watching cop car after cop car burned is not a protest. Watching honest cops trying to bring this under control hit with bottles, Molotov cocktails, urine, spit, bricks and run over is not a protest. Watching Democrat mayors lose control of their cities is not reassuring to most of us. Watching all vestiges of social distancing being violated is not prudent.

Yesterday I watched as the problems in Chicago came to the suburbs where I live. I watched over 100 cops in Old Town arrest one young white man as another view showed a strip shopping center at 54th and Wentworth housing 15 stores being completely looted with zero police presence. Every store stripped as cars pulled up and criminals loaded them up with stolen goods. This is in the black neighborhood. Where black people shop and work. When did breaking and entering become a protest? When did arson become a protest? When did assaulting a police officer become a protest?

Soccer moms have suddenly set aside those issues with Trump’s style. Working people who sat out the Coronavirus threat now see that was a waste as people congregating to riot may set it off again.

Maybe the local police and the FBI will find the culprits who seem to be organizing this chaos, but more than likely not. Where arrests occur many seem to be from out of state. But, despite media spin, this is a Democrat problem in Democrat states and cities and they will pay dearly in November.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Insightful as usual.

    Just want to mention my politically correct term for this, looting is so accusatory, you should be using “undocumented shopping”. (Hahaha).

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions

    ~Ronald Reagan~July 31, 1968

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