Seattle Has a New City Within the City

June/13/2020 9:19AM
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The book ” Lord Of the Flies” has come to life in Seattle. The novel was written by British author William Golding in 1954. It’s a story of a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabitied island and their disasterous attempt to goven themselves. It does not end well.

In the midst of Seattle a new shining city has risen. Protesters have commandeered a six block area and deemed it their own. Cops let it them do it. No one there has a job nor any intention of every working. they have guns. They have named the new city CHAZ. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, pretty catchy. They own the 11th police precinct which the cops abandoned to them.

The mayor of Seattle , Jenny Durkan, says “it is patriotism”.    The media, for the most part, embraces it as “a festival atmosphere”  President Trump calls it anarchy and says if the city can’t break it up, he will. The media and the mayor care not for the poor residents who live and work in that area. The police chief says she wants to make it go away and can do that. I say this is Waco and the Branch Davidians all over again. This, like the Lord of the Flies, will not end well.

The beginning of a period of tests of lawlessness perpetrated by those who relish no laws in the midst of honest citizens who are screaming for security and protection of property and person.

The city of Seattle must be so proud. They elected Mayor Durkan.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    The last time a portion of the United states seceded from the union a civil war was fought over it. Objective of the anarchist leftists???

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