Black Lives Do Matter-All Black Lives

June/05/2020 7:18AM
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The tragic murder of George Floyd has set the country on fire. Literally.

There is no excuse for the way the cops murdered this poor man.

There is also no excuse for the hundreds of black lives snuffed out in Chicago every year. Under the sanctimonious leadership of Lori Lightfoot, the mayor who is so outspoken about the death of Mr. Lloyd.

There is no excuse for the death of David Dorn, the black police captain who was shot by looters and filmed as he died by bystanders who preferred to film his death rather than try to save him.

There is no excuse for the black merchants who had their businesses shut down by the Coronavirus then burned down or looted by the riots. They are done. Period.

There is not excuse for the black employees who worked at businesses owned by blacks and white who will no longer have a job because those businesses were closed permanently by looters and arsonists.

There is no excuse for the media treatment of Mr. Floyd’s death, whipping the nation into a frenzy that turned violent for their political biases.

Robert Woodson, a civil rights leader from the MLK era has been commenting on TV a lot during this time of racial tension. I paraphrase, he says the civil rights movement was to get black leaders in positions of power in government to initiate change. He feels betrayed because he believes these leaders then looked after themselves and not the black community. He concludes by saying the sleeping giant will awaken and recognize the black people have been let down by people who look just like them. He never mentioned his name but it was evident he was including Barack Obama in that group. The very man who “spoke to the nation” again about what he never did.

That’s the greatest shame. There is no excuse for that.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    The 7407 black lives that were lost to gun violence in 2018 mattered. The 48 police officer lives that were lost in 2019 mattered.

    In 2019 according to Washington Post database, 10 unarmed blacks were killed. Half are documented as assaulting officer before the weapon was discharged. One was accidental grappling for the gun. Of the four remaining, two officers involved in the shooting have been charged.

    Hardly a genocide as the inflamming media are trying to report.

    Numbers of unarmed suspects killed by police have been going down over the past 6 years according to this database, although it doesn’t include non-shooting deaths as far as I can tell.

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