TV Ad Revenue Down $12 Billion in First Half of 2020

May/14/2020 7:59AM
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Want to see the media stop rooting 24/7 for the country to stay locked down. Watch this change as the layoffs begin.

See, when you seek to destroy the profits of the advertisers they begin to inflict pain back. Day in and day out you push your liberal agenda to keep the nation locked down because you feel no pain. Now, as the article( above) shows the executive pay is being cut and the guys at the top of the house are being hit.

The media outlets are about to turn on the Democrats on the Coronavirus extension and it will stop all the momentum to support the Fauci plan and he will be like all those who are seldom right but never in doubt and find he’s a loser in the eyes of everyone when he gets his due in the media daily.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Years ago I clipped out an ad from an insurance company asking the question: Imagine what life would be like without the ability to take a risk?

    So yesterday I was wondering to myself: What would the Oklahoma Land Rush have been like if Dr. Fauci were in charge of setting the parameters for when it would happen? Thoughts?

    Life literally is an unending series of risk taking, this never open up until there is no risk stuff is ludicrous.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Yesterday was a big day in Minnesota’s continuing ordeal of the epidemic. Before turning to the developments that made the day big, I want to update the data I have been following in this series.

    The state authorities reported 24 new deaths attributed to the virus, bringing the total to 638. Seventeen of the 24 new deaths occurred among residents of long-term care facilities, bringing the total of LTC deaths attributed to the virus to 517 and raising the share of all such deaths to 81 percent, by my calculation.

    The age demographics of the new deaths more or less follow the pattern. Of the 24 new decedents, one decedent was in his 100’s, three were in their 90’s, 10 were in their 80’s, five were in their 70’s, three were in their 60’s, one was in his 30’s, and one is listed as unknown.

    I have previously reported the median age of all decedents, which has remained stuck at 83 for weeks. I can’t find the median age number on the revised version of the Department of Health’s Situation Update. If you can find the median age of all decedents in the state data, please write me at

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