Will the American Psyche Recover From the Coronavirus?

April/10/2020 9:42AM
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Locked up for 30 days with virtually no social contact, little entertainment, no schools, and no place to go. Cowering inside, gloved and masked to go for food, no job or working from home, and being spoon fed propaganda 24/7 by the media:

Every night the local news in Phoenix announces the state-wide total of 87 Coronavirus deaths as of it was the end of civilization.

2 years ago this wasn’t TV news

PHOENIX Arizona continues to witness one of the deadliest flu seasons in the state’s history with at least 523 influenza deaths to date.

Statistics show the flu has virtually ended in 2020:

flu stopped

Interesting that now all flu data seems to be Coronavirus cases.

sky diver

When does it stop? When do we realize it’s enough? Locking us up, padding the statistics, creating news so the media can have record ratings.


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