Coronavirus: Practice for a Communist America

March/22/2020 13:44PM
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We are now living in a country exactly like it would be with Bernie Sanders as President.

Few people have jobs. Those who are paid the least suffer the most. Small businesses are mostly closed. Few stores are open for business. Those that are open have shortages of essential items.

Not one elected official at any level is suffering at all. Except perhaps their investments, but four Senators did a little insider trading to avoid that. Senator Rand Paul announced he tested positive for the virus. You think he waited in a line for testing?

Almost all of us are dependent on the government and the trillion-dollar bailout for some help.

Every day the government announces another freedom you lose. No sports, no movies, no gyms, no bars, no restaurants, and in some states no leaving the house.

In Illinois the governor wants to call out the guard to shoot you if you leave the house. The guard is refusing saying they work for the President.

See how easy it was to make Cuba, Cuba?

Wonder why there is a run on the gun shops? Some have guns left but no ammo.

Here in Arizona all the Canadians have gone home.  They have to buy health insurance to cover them while they are here. Probably won’t cover the Corona Virus.

Locked in your house with little food and no toilet paper you have a lot of time to ponder how close Bernie is coming to getting elected.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    And if you don’t shut down your “non-essential” business when they tell you to they’ll shut off your water and power to “suggest” you comply. Nothing heavy handed about that.

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