America-Land of the Once Free and Once Brave

March/14/2020 9:49AM
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See how easy it was to lose your freedoms?

School? No, sorry we closed those.

Gym? No, sorry we cowered them into closing

Toilet paper and water? No, we scared your neighbors into hoarding those

Sports? No we took your kid’s senior year away including that potential scholarship, closed all pro sports

Cruise? No that’s cancelled

Fly? We scared you from doing that

Party? they are all cancelled

Parade? Nope, no green river in Chicago

Work? many are not going to jobs that may be gone

No, you are cowering in your home, alone, and without toilet paper or water.

You are neither free nor brave.

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Comments (3)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    So true, I have been saying to myself for years as the growth of big government takes over every aspect of life they can “Free to do what exactly?”

  2. Patricia Smith says:

    Went to the Jewel yesterday. Not 1 roll of toilet paper on the shelves. Wanted Puff;s tissues for my allergies, just Puff’s tissues with Vicks. Hardly any pastas on the shelves. So the horders have all of this & I have nothing.

  3. Doug Gordon says:

    And now I can’t dine in at a restaurant in my state. What inalienable rights are they going to take from us next? Don’t seem to have much liberty anymore.

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