Mayor Pete Takes Iowa-Are You Serious?

February/08/2020 9:50AM
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After Mayor Pete Buttigieg won Iowa, maybe, I forced myself to listen to a few of his speeches. Here’s my takeaway.

First, he’s reminiscent of Obama. A ventriloquist’s dummy mouthing words written by someone else. Carefully scripted and well-practiced but it’s the dummy’s mouth moving. Like Valerie Jarrett with Obama on her lap pulling the strings.  But, not in Reverend Wright’s cadence in Pete’s case. But, ivy league smooth.


Look, I grew up 10 miles north of South Bend where Pete is the mayor. When Studebaker Motors folded, South Bend folded as did my home town, Niles, Michigan. Neither has ever recovered. South Bend has not improved under the leadership of mayor Pete, it’s gotten worse.

So, bottom line, if you can’t improve South Bend  you have zero credentials to run a bigger city let alone the biggest enterprise in the world.

Plus, we’ve had a gay president so no need to check off that box again.

Time, once again, to put the PC stuff aside, color, gender, and sexual orientation and realize from our experience with President Trump, that experience counts. Real experience not smooth talking political experience. Not another law degree. No more career politicians who have done nothing in the real world. Like mayor Pete and Obama.

Advice to the Democrats. None of the 7 debaters in New Hampshire can cut the mustard, especially Mayor Pete. Go buy a box, a big box, because Bloomberg is your best shot.

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