Joe Biden is Finished

February/12/2020 10:54AM
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Say it ain’t so Joe. Say you didn’t strong-arm the officials in the Ukraine to find a way to pay you back for the one billion in aid by giving Hunter the job with Burisma.

No, Joe, don’t bother. We, the people, know. You may have noticed that in the  Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary results.

Just do what the Chicago politicians do.  Bill Daley’s insurance exam scandal has resurfaced and ties to City Hall … First, the youngest son of Mayor Richard J. Daley flunked. … telling his critics, “If I can’t help my sons, then they can kiss my ass. …

But, here’s the problem, Joe.  Daley, the senior, was fighting a scandal about fixing an insurance exam for his son so he could get a big contract from the city and make a commission.

You, Joe, are dealing with a corruption problem that caused an impeachment.

You have been convicted in the court of public opinion and it’s not unlikely you and Hunter will be convicted by a real court down the road. Your decision to run for President knowing this was hanging over your head was just the last of a career of bad decisions Joe. You could have rode off into the sunset and lived the rest of your life with dignity and respect for your years of service. But, no, Joe, losing twice did not teach you a thing. You had to reach for that brass ring one more time.

This one will cost you bigly Joe.  As the old Everly Brothers song “Wake up little Susie” lyrics say: “The movie wasn’t so hot, it didn’t have much of a plot, We fell asleep, our goose is cooked, Our reputation is shot”  That’s you Joe.

The Democrat Party has turned on you Joe, you old dog faced pony soldier. Neither the party nor the media will protect you when Barr comes calling. You really screwed the pooch this time Joe and the meter has started running on the attorney’s fees. When this is over you may be doing time and you deserve every day you stinking low-life corrupt fool. You caused an impeachment that failed for a few pieces of gold.

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